'Above the Clouds', Hamiltons Gallery, London, 2018

9 – 19 January 2018

'Above the Clouds' was recently exhibited at Hamiltons Gallery in London. In this most recent body of work, Mead captures the physical, emotional and philosophical wonder of air travel with his images of the world above the clouds. All proceeds from print sales and the book are donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London, where one of his children was cured of a life-threatening illness many years ago.

'Above the Clouds' is a portfolio of images taken from Mead’s extensive air travel on regularly scheduled flights over the last several years. During these journeys, Mead has been extremely inspired whilst gazing out of plane windows at the endless horizon, finding that the journey itself can be more meaningful than just a means to a destination. Mead’s photographic career can be seen as an expression of a deeply-lived life of exploration, reflection and discovery.

To accompany the series and exhibition, Prestel has published a book of these awe-inspiring images, including an insightful introductory essay; further information can be found here.