Above the Clouds

Prestel 2017

Scott Mead’s Above the Clouds captures the physical, emotional and philosophical wonder of air travel with his awe-inspiring images of the world above the clouds.

Above the Clouds is a portfolio of images taken from Mead's extensive air travel on commercial flights over the last several years. During these journeys, Mead has been inspired whilst gazing out of plane windows over the endless horizon, and is often transported into an intense inner dialogue, finding that the journey itself can often be much more meaningful than just a means to a destination.

"Over time, I began to notice that the moments of insight, stretches of sustained thought, and feelings of freedom on plane journeys often seemed deeper and richer than those occurring on land. There was a stillness and peace above the clouds that enabled me to connect more fully with my inner self, encouraged by the endless horizon just outside and the limitless potential it suggested."

"There are a number of technical aspects to transform the photos, taken often at 500mph though several layers of sometimes scratched glass in strong light, into the pure images you see here. All these photographs were taken on scheduled commercial flights, so other than departure and destination points, one surrenders control and needs to be open to light, views, landscape and experiences as they come to you…sort of like life itself."

The book contains 87 colour plates and an introductory essay in which Mead discusses his photographic career as an expression of a deeply-lived life of exploration, reflection and discovery.

All profits from print and book sales are donated to Great Ormond Street Children's Charity in London. One of Mead's children was cured of a life-threatening illness many years ago, and since then he has been a deeply involved and committed supporter of the hospital.

Published by Prestel, Verlag, 2017
Photographs and text by Scott Mead
Project realized by Ira Stehmann
Hardcover, linen
ISBN: 978-3-7913-8333-0

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