Reaching Above the Clouds

James Allenby, Gowanus Lounge, March 4, 2018

The New York's Gowanus Lounge discusses Scott's Above the Clouds photography and book, and his support of Great Ormond Street Children's Charity.

"Where does one turn once they have fulfilled their business/corporate dreams? When the financial security has been achieved, which productive direction can they follow to channel their energy? There are many different answers to this question, but they often fall into the same broad category: creativity.

Scott Mead has harnessed this in a classic way, with his focus on giving back to the community and channeling his love of photography. His book, Above the Clouds presents the photos he took from his airplane windows during his many travels. Imbued with his personal touch, the photo captions include notes of his thoughts and reflections while taking the pictures."

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