Aiming High: A banker-turned-photographer is channelling his passion to help Great Ormond Street

Olenka Hamilton, Spear's Magazine, March 5, 2018

Scott recently spoke to Olenka Hamilton at Spear's Magazine about his career, recent exhibition at Hamiltons Gallery, and his philanthropic philosophy.

"My latest exhibition at Hamiltons was 'Above the Clouds'. I thought: is it possible to photograph that often intense dialogue that goes on when you're on a plane? My time spent above the clouds has helped to bring both closure and acceptance to some of my difficult experiences, and I wanted to create something that could transport people, help them think uplifting thoughts."

"Philanthropy is not just handing over the funds from the sale. Every time there is a sale, it connects new people to the hospital, and philanthropy is just as much about action and personal engagement. We hosted a creative workshop at the gallery for the patients, giving them frames cut out of cardboard and proof prints from the exhibition so they could create their own set of works."

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