What Happened Next… captures a moment of uncertainty and tension. Has the truck hit the pig with mortal consequences? Or are they simply in the same photograph and unrelated to each other? This work questions the assumptions we all make when presented with what seems like an obvious cause and effect and logical outcome. In fact, if you look closely at the pig's ear, you will see a distinct clue. Could there be a slight blurring given the long shutter speed, with the hint and possible joyful conclusion that rather than an ending, there is in fact a beginning of sorts - a happily sleeping animal, who soon after this photograph got up, snorted, and jogged off. So much for what seems like the right and obvious assumption! And for the fact that what often seem like endings may well be new beginnings and journeys, with much to anticipate and look forward to.

Scott Mead


What Happened Next... is from the series 'Looking Back', see a further selection of images here.