Looking Back is about reflecting on life's experiences and contemplating the future. The winding road, leading to the large tree and disappearing out of sight, suggests the path of life's journey. And the centrally positioned and symmetrical tree could be seen as a "Tree of Life" motif bringing to mind the many ideas, directions and choices we consider or dismiss, and then explore and eventually decide to pursue. The "Tree of Life" has in similar forms been a subject expressed visually by many cultures over thousands of years, underscoring the commonality of the human experience over time, place and generations.


This image, along with all the works in the series of the same title, was made from a large format 8x10 inch film negative created with a lens whose projection does not entirely cover the negative. Therefore, this perspective, wide but not distorted, captures the entire field of what the lens and also the photographer's eye "sees", rather than being limited and defined by the more traditional rectangular or square format of a conventional camera or screen. The circle encourages the eye to remain within the image and not be distracted by edges or defined limits.

Scott Mead


Looking Back is from the series of the same title, see a further selection of images here.