Journey into Blue conveys the visual and emotional feelings associated with the color blue. The image contains a wide range of blue tones created by the intense sunlight shimmering through abstract clouds, deep blue sky, mountain silhouettes and reflecting sea. It also brings to mind the enormity of nature relative to human activities. This is suggested by the boat in the lower right, a small presence in the dark blue sea and dwarfed by the mountains beyond.


Blue has often been associated with coldness but Journey into Blue shows the true richness, warmth and depth of my favorite color. Over the ages, it has also been associated with melancholy ('the blues'), a feeling most people experience at some point and which certainly can be felt from this image with its simple and empty pureness and beauty, as well as a sense of solitude. Nevertheless, the shimmering light and glowing surface of the water seem to evoke feelings of hope and promise. While this image is more towards the darker scale of blue tones, in low light it seems to glow as if energized with the spirit of positive human energy and life.

Scott Mead


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