Choices depicts tire tracks, footprints and other markings, all moving in different but upward directions, suggesting the progress of all of our lives - our hopes, dreams and goals, and the reflections and deliberations we all have before making life’s most important choices. No two tracks are the same, and many overlap with each other, alluding to the complexity and deliberations leading to life’s paths. The circle surrounding the photograph, into which all the tracks run and eventually disappear, provides a sense of closure to life, one which we all must eventually confront.


In the lower foreground, the distinct pattern of one set of tracks in particular is reminiscent of primitive stick drawings of people, or indeed some ancient language long since forgotten, suggesting the timelessness of the overall theme of this work.


The photograph was taken near the entrance to Walden Pond, in Concord, Massachusetts just outside Boston in the USA, where the writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreau spent large parts of 1845-47 living simply in a small cabin alone. From this experience, he wrote the classic “Walden, or Life in the Woods”, whose themes are, among others, individuality, self-sufficiency, and simplicity of life. Walden has been cited as an inspiration by many leading figures in all walks of life as providing them inspiration in charting their own life paths and beliefs.

Scott Mead


Choices is from the series 'Looking Back', see a further selection of images here.